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This website is based on the Bootstrapped Web Site project template available in the DevExpress Template Gallery. This template utilizes DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX controls in conjunction with the Bootstrap framework to create a website with multi-page design and responsive, mobile-friendly interface out of the box. By default, the website has a format of a blog with integrated full-text search

If you are using a custom Bootstrap theme, it is recommended that you manually modify the base color in the DevExpress theme of your choice to better suit the overall color scheme. You can accomplish this task using the DevExpress Theme Builder.

Cross-browser compatibility

DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX Controls and MVC Extensions are cross-browser compatible and are carefully tested against the following browsers to ensure utmost compatibility: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera

AJAX Enabled

Each and every control provides an ability to update the control using callbacks, eliminating the need to re-load the entire page. This callback functionality allows you to optimize how data is transferred to the client

Touch and Mobile Device Enabled

The ASP.NET Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WebForms Controls and MVC Extensions that support touch on iOS Safari, Android and Internet Explorer 10+.


IKPT strive to commit to provide best solution to our clients and partners as stated in the company's mission 'To be distinguished company and preferred partner for excellent EPCC business in applying comprehensive solutions

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